Maintain Your Roof in Good Condition

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The roof of your house can take only as much from the onslaught of unpredictable weather. The heat of the sun, heavy rainfalls and compact snow can wreck havoc to the rooftop. But with proper inspection and maintenance, elemental damage to your roof can be prevented or minimized. Here are some things to do to maintain your roof in good condition:

1.Inspect the roof structure for any signs of sagging or unevenness. This is an important procedure to detect any impending leakage crisis that might happen during a heavy rainfall. The best time to do this is during summer time. Summer is also the ideal time to do roof repairs if needed. Inspection can be done with the use of binoculars or go to a window where the roof surface is visible.

2.Check the gutters of the roof. Clear it from leaves, twigs or any trash that might caused clogs that will not let the water flow freely. Inspect for holes and check the seams for any potential leaks. For small problems, use a caulking gun to cover up those holes and any open seams. This problem must be dealt with immediately to prevent major leakage into the home and causing damage to the structure or to the furniture in the house. Make sure that the gutters are securely fastened so that they will not fall or fly off during a heavy storm.

3.Inspect the roof top for any signs of visible debris. Debris should be removed because it can cause the roof to sag from its weight and become a barrier that can clog up water or snow.

4.If trees are nearby, do not allow the branches to be in contact with the roof top. Schedule regular branch trimmings to prevent the branches from scraping or scuffing the roof. If vines are present, trim them regularly or remove them permanently. Plants encourage the growth of molds and algae that can “eat” up the roof material.

5.Do not give your roof a new “look” by painting it. Aside from voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, painting the roof will damage its system. Call any professional commercial roofing contractors in Washington, DC for any roof enhancement jobs.

6.Ensure that the gutter system of the upper roof is connected to the lower roof’s gutter system. Never allow any downspouts to fall into the lower roof because this will increase the lower roof’s vulnerability to damage.

7.Carefully inspect the flashing points of the roof. Flashing refers to the continuous metal covering in the angle or joint part of the roof. Flashing prevents any water from leaking into the home. The flashing points in the roof are the most vulnerable to leaks. You can check the underside of the roof for any signs of water stains. Consult the services of commercial roofing contractors in Washington, DC if visible signs of water stains or water leaks are present from your initial inspection. This is a job for professionals.

8.If you have to step on the roof for close inspections, it is prudent to do so in the coolest time of the day such as early mornings or late afternoons. Walking over shingled roofs can cause unnecessary damage especially in really hot or freezing cold weathers. Shingles become brittle during cold weathers and become spongy under the heat of the sun.

9.During winter, if you want to remove snow from the roof, use a long extension pole with a soft bristled broom to remove the excess snow. Hard tools like shovels must not be used to scrape off the snow. Do not attempt to step on a roof covered with snow.

10.If you want to clean your roof from algae infestation, never use bleach solutions because of its corrosive                 quality. Experts advise to use zinc strips and apply at the ridges of your roof. The use of pressure washer to               cleanse the roof should not be attempted unless you are a professional. The pressure from the washer will               loosen any protective covering over the shingles.

11.Check out the shingles during windy times. This is a good idea especially if the house is old. Inspect the                    shingles for any signs of movement from the wind. If you detect any movement like flaps, it is high time to call commercial roofing contractors Washington, DC to repair the shingles.

12.It is not advisable to mount any hardware to the roof like satellites to prevent probable avenues for                          leaking. But if you must install something, instruct the workers to care for the roof during the process. The              flashing method must be used maintain the roof system’s integrity and good condition. Ask what type of                  mounts the workers intend to use in installing the hardware. Some mounts that are made of metal can                    cause the roof to have “stains”. Make sure that the worker or contractor will use non corrosive mounts for              attachment of the hardware.

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