Common Forms of Roofing Materials

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One of the most expensive parts of the house’s structure is the roof. Whether you are building a new home or trying to replace your old roof, it is wise to invest on quality roofing materials. Building codes of your city might dictate what kind of roofing material should be used for your roof but if you have the freedom to choose, the task can be daunting and confusing. There are numerous roofing materials available in the market but you must know the differences of each material before making any purchases.


1.Asphalt shingle – This is the most common material used for roofing in the United States. The stock of this type of roof may be from fibreglass or from an organic source and comes with a variety of colors and styles. This type of roofing may last from 15 to 30 years depending on the climate, the weight of the shingles and the sloping of the roof. The indication that an asphalt shingle roof needs replacing is when it loses its granules, it begins to curl up or splits apart.

2.Slate – This roofing material is used in historical times. Slate is a type of stone that needs to be cut and shaped for the use of roofs. It is one of the most expensive types of roofing material but this type will last as long as 200 years. The biggest issue of a slate roof are the fasteners that attach the slate material to the roof. The fasteners sometimes fail to secure the material to the roof so regular maintenance is a must to keep the material in place. Slates that are broken, cracked, or delaminated must be dealt with immediately. The use of cement to secure the slate is a temporary fix; slate must be nailed firmly in place.

3.Shake Shingle or Wood Shake – Shakes refer to handmade wood shingles. It is important that when shake shingles are applied on a roof, the roof must slope to 4 inches per foot. The sloping of the roof is necessary to properly drain off the water from rainfall. If the water does not properly drain off, water damage will happen or mildew will start to grow. A previous problem with a shake shingle is that it is not fire resistant. But today, there are manufacturers that treat the wood shingles to make it more resistant to fire.

4.Metal – This type of material has a longer life expectancy because it is more resistant to the harsh weather conditions. The only main concern of this type of material is that it is prone to rusting. Regular maintenance must be done by scraping the roof and painting over it with rust proof paint.

These are just some of the types of roofing materials used today. For more questions and concerns, consider speaking with commercial roofing contractors in Washington, DC. These experts will answer all your questions with regards to your roofing needs. They will be the best to provide the perfect roofing option for your home.

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