Choosing the Right Roof Contractor

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Roofing systems need to be replaced, especially after a storm, or after the years have worn out the current roof of your house or your commercial establishment. But the question is, how? This is where we guide you into choosing the right contractor that will replace your roof in the best possible way. Commercial roofing in the Washington, DC area is a big business, and commercial roofing contractors in Washington, DC are quite numerous. Here is a guide on how to choose to the right contractor for you, and avoid being duped by a “con”-tractor (pun intended), especially after going through a hard period of time dealing with your damaged roof.

When choosing the right roofing contractor, you must consider the following:

1. Ensure your contractor’s has a good character by calling two to three of his references.

2. Confirm his insurance coverage; make sure that it is extensive enough to cover unintentional damages. And determine whether he obtained supplementary coverage or not.

3. Choose among at least three bids that have likewise been written down.

4. Make sure that the contractor had a comprehensive evaluation of your roof, that no side has been left uninspected.

5. Make sure that he would give you an estimate that is written: his job description and work that he cannot perform.

6. Legislation for local building should be consulted and should be informed to you by your contractor.

7. Ensure that the chosen contractor’s materials are top rate

8. Get into the details of your personal roofing. Study it before consulting a contractor.

9. A written and signed agreement by yourself and the contractor should be secured, with your own copy.

10. Make sure that the contractor would verify whether the ventilation that you currently have works well, because a badly installed one will nullify your warranty.

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